Thursday, 11 July 2013

Phew... Back to Posting and some Sewing

So last time I posted I had terrible trouble in not being able to upload photos.  I couldn't use Google Chrome as it wasn't working, I couldn't upload photos or read pdf files.  So I looked at other search engines and now I'm using Firefox and I reloaded Adobe Reader and all is well!  Thank goodness.  I know very little about what how these systems work and what they do so it's amazing I've managed to work it out!

I have made a start on some sewing projects with my Silvercrest (a cheap sewing machine and even cheaper for me as I was given it!).

With a soluble pen, my daughter designed a free form sewing project.  We learned how to set it up and she made a start... I then had to finish it giggle.

I found some free courses on Craftsy and made a drawstring bag

and a couple of zipper pouches too!  The first of which had some wonky stitching ... but it works :)  I'm using it to store some sewing and knitting supplies.

This one was much better...

 I found some free instructions on how to make a peg bag (the link escapes me at the mo) and I used the same zip technique as the pouches which worked a treat...

I suspect there's going to be lots more sewing projects in the future inbetween family life and looking after my garden...
Happy photos from spring time.  I shall make a collage of photos from the summer images I take another time.  I love astilbes (center top photo in collage), my roses are going crazy at the mo (bottom right) and my 2 buddleas (center photo) don't look much at the moment but I'm sure they will thrive.  Bets are on as to whether they will be blue, purple or white - I'm wanting white but when I asked them they told me they were blue and purple giggle.  We'll see.

May the sunshine be shining wherever you are till next time.

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  1. Hi :) I have the same silvercrest sewing machine and I've been wondering for ages how to do a freeform project with it, I wondered if there was an embroidery foot i had o put to attach however i see in your picture there is no foot attached?