Monday, 23 September 2013

TV Knitting Inspirations

Sometimes I'm watching TV and I "knit spot".  I don't do it on purpose... it just happens.  So there I was watching The Dresden Files and the episode with Claudia Black (above photo) called 'The Other Dick' and she wore a fab lace and ribbon scarf.  I want it!  Does anyone have an idea of who's design it is and how to make it?  More and more I see knitwear on TV that I wish I knew more about.

Another such program was The Returned which views on Channel 4 not so long ago. A french series with

English subtitles and wonderful french knitted garments with great simplicity and design.  I can't actually find decent photos to show what I mean.  It would be great if this sort of information about the designs are more available but until I find out, then it's all a bit of a mystery and will need a little more Miss Marple investigation.  Any ideas anyone?