Wednesday, 15 May 2013

On the Road to Sewing - Beginner Links

Since my last blog, I have been given, yes, given a sewing machine!  Out of the blue, a crafty friend has updated her sewing machine to a super duper brilliant machine so she had a spare.  Yes, it's one of the most basic models but it was FREEEEEEEEE. 

Wow, I was gobsmacked and then I got excited with the prospect of learning about it and how to sew.  Unfortunately, I wish I could show you images but at the moment, I can't upload images and I can't figure out why.  I downloaded the recent explorer 10 and because I couldn't upload photos for blogger, craftsy or flickr (I suspect people are having difficulties with alsorts of other sites) I tried to install Google Chrome as suggested by Craftsy.  Google Chrome does not work at all.  Screaming silently inside.

I disabled the explorer after downloading google chrome - that didn't work so after searching on-line for other solutions a few hours later, and with google chrome uninstalled, I am still stuck several hours later.

Although I can't upload photos, I can pass on some excellent freebie courses with Craftsy.  Enrol for free and you'll get access to some free courses to start you on the road to sewing.  I found these following courses really helpful:

Sewing Machine 911  Works through how to load a sewing machine, how it works and troubleshooting.  My machine made so much more sense after watching this course.

Sewing Machine Feet  A really handy guide and a better understanding as to what feet do on your machine

Bag Making Basics: Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag by Kristin Link who has a homely charm and her other course...

Bag Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper

And if you have ever thought that zippers were too difficult or wondered how to go about it then Mastering Zipper Techniques will be for you.

I am so buzzing with projects that I want to do!  I made my very first drawstring bag which included my first attempts at applique.  I'm also planning to make a zipper pouch bag (waiting for an Amazon delivery of fusable interfacing, cutting matt, tailors chalk and a rotary cutter all for about £15) ref the above course.  I love the creativity, problem solving and end product of making your own.  There are many more free projects that can be found here and here and here so get searching on the web and see what you can find!

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