Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hotness Top

 So I finished my first top for myself!  A free pattern using a tulip lace pattern for the top yoke.  In whatever I make, there's always something new to learn and accomplish.  For this top it required 40cm (16") circular needles.  I've never worked with circulars before and it was a pleasure.  I'd tried using 4mm double pointed needles but the stitches kept slipping off.  My Knitpro fixed circular's are lovely to use.  I used a pearl bind off at the neckline instead of the usual knit bind (or cast) off and I knit through the back loop for all knits on the bottom rib and neck rib.  I much prefer this to the usual knit as it seems to make a more defined rib.  I've also taught myself and used the mattress stitch to sew side seams.

 It took nearly 3 weeks and I'm wearing it now!  I'm sure once the weather turns in Autumn, I will still make use of it with a longs sleeve top underneath.  Although it's an aran weight (medium 4 or 10ply) it's light.

So I made a pose and now I have a new portrait for Pinterest and my facebook and here's a lovely photo of my roses too.

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