Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Simply Knitting Patchwork Blanket - Patch 18

I'm making this entry simply because when following the blanket pattern in Simply Knitting mag issue 100 for Butterflies and Crocuses pattern for patch 18, I couldn't make sense of the pattern.  There may be en error as I tried several times and it still didn't make sense.   

Based on the previous patches in the pattern which allowed the position of Butterfly stitch B to latch onto the previous line of Butterfly stitch A, I drew rows 1-4 and 7-10 on graph paper as per the pattern and then arranged the stitches A and B (the directions of how to make these are in the magazine) in the positions that made most sense.  What follows are written directions of how I made patch 18.  You will need to have the subscribers edition of Simply Knitting Issue 100 or at some point the magazine may reprint the blanket in its entirety at www.themakingspot.com and the list of abbreviations found on p92 of the magazine.  The designer is Louise Butt and it's an interesting and varied pattern to do.

Cast on 60 and pearl a row as per directions in magazine.

Row 1 *k10, k2tog - yon - k1 - yon - sl1pwise - psso, k5* repeat from * till end of row.
Row2 P7, sl1pwise, p19, sl1pwise, p19, sl1pwise, p12
Row3 As row 1. Row4 As row 2
Row 5 *K15, Butterfly A* repeat till end of row.
Row6 *Butterfly B, p15* repeat till end of row.
Row7 *k5, k2tog - yon - k1 - yon - sl1pwise - psso - k10* repeat till end of row.
Row8 p12, sl1pwise, p19, sl1pwise, p19, sl1pwise, p7.
Row 9 As row 7 Row 10 As row 8
Row11 *Butterfly A, k15* repeat till end of row.
Row12 *p15, Butterfly B* repeat till end of row.

Repeat rows 1-12 till patch measures 20cm.

I've accidentally placed one of the holes made in the wrong position because I counted incorrectly - oooops.  I'm a beginner in knitting so it was a challenge to work out where each stitch would be but I am really happy with the outcome.  I only hope that it helps anyone who has come across the same issue.

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  1. I am just starting on the butterfly patches of this blanket and I can't fathom the instructions for the butterfly stitches atall, let alone the error on patch 18. Have you any advice?