Saturday, 20 October 2012

Rib & Twist Vest Completed, I Baked Herman & Plots to Decoupage

I've finally finished it!  It's been finished for a while but it took me ages to get around to stitching the final edge on the front, sewing in the ends and then I tried to shrink (yes, I said shrink - which didn't work) and block it not very successfully but I am generally pleased with my first ever item of clothing that I have ever knitted.  It's stretchy so I could have made this a size or two smaller and if I were to make this again, I would use the recommended 5mm needles in the pattern which can be found at the free Red Heart site.  I've done a bit of faffing about on photoshop to concentrate the eye on the garment...
I should be finished with my scarf this weekend and the armchair arm cover too... then what will there be to do?  I have a plan (stroking chin as if plotting to destroy the world with my craft creations mwah ha ha ha)... I've started to snip away at any spare magazines I can find.  I've got several 'Collect It' magazines which are very useful.
Once I've got a good amount of designs,I have an egg in mind to decorate and use as a Christmas bauble.  I'm armed with PVA glue, and no-one's going to stop me! giggle. 
Last weekend I could have killed the family with my Herman the German Friendship cake which is actually a sough dough, grown and fed with flour, sugar and milk over 10 days, then divided between friends (hence the friend bit in the name of the cake) which is forever and ever like a chain of cake, continued and therefore I don't know how old or how many cake generations the friendship cake was.  It was originally given to me by a member of the laugh and craft group I attend.  Thank you friend... it was safe enough to digest and was enjoyed very much

 Apples plus cinnamon and raisens - whats not to love?!  With a dollop of devonshire honeycomb ice cream it was a real treat.

Last night I got a shock.  Browsing flickr knitting, crochet and craft photos I noticed that one of my photos had had over 2000 hits!  I had entered the photo on the Favecrafts flickr site and they have used it in one of their email newsletters.  Wow, that was a pleasant surprise.  Those lacy mittens are gorgeous though.

Challenges for the next week
  • decoupage something
  • finish scarf
  • finish armchair arm cover
  • decide with daughter which cowl (a possible choice) she would like me to crochet, source material for it
  • source materials for Fair Lady Gloves on All Free Crochet and possibly start.
So expect some crochet, knitting and decoupage photos in the next blog.  Happy crafting people!

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